Football – A Tribute

Football – A Tribute

Football is simply the greatest sport that there is. It’s not just that exhilarating moment of skill, the euphoria of a crucial goal or the joy of your team finally lifting that trophy. The true beauty of the game is in the journey, the highs and the lows and the knowledge that you share that with so many others around the world.

As you move towards that familiar stadium armed with your match day program in one hand, scarf in the other, your own momentum being dictated by the steady flow of like-minded and identically clothed men, it is the unity that makes it such a special experience. You start up conversations with people you don’t know, who you will never meet again, all the while treating them like a well known friend trading pre-match opinion, banter and jokes.

Then you have found your seat and the game itself begins. A tower of noise is started by complete strangers stood 100 yards away, yet you, along with thousands of others, will lend your voice to it simply for the colours those strangers wear.
Wherever you are, football can often bridge the gap between people from all around the world. Simply by wearing your team’s colours you can provoke conversation and debate.

Unlike so many sports, football is universally available to play. If you spoke to a ten year old child in North London, and then a ten year old child in a Brazilian favela , the only part of their day that both can relate to is playing football with a few mates. And because of that, the only dream and ambition they are likely to both share is to be a footballer and that is something special.

Those are the reasons I, along with millions of others, love football.

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