Brady: “Difficult” path ahead for Sean McDermott

Brady: “Difficult” path ahead for Sean McDermott

Gunners legend Liam Brady has warned U18s goalkeeper Sean McDermott that he has a long way to go before he can achieve his dream of becoming a number one goalkeeper.

Speaking ahead of the Platinum One Challenge in Dublin, Arsenal’s current Academy Director Liam Brady said that he felt the journey from Academy prospect to first teamer is a far longer process for goalkeepers, but that McDermott has the personality to reach his target.

“Sean has another two years with us and he has to develop over the next few years, to keep going well, to learn all the tricks of the trade with regard to being a goalkeeper,” Brady told “He’s a very dedicated boy and so he has every chance of achieving that.

It’s a difficult one for a goalkeeper, to say ‘well he’s going to be ready at 19 or 20′ – very few are. They have to go through probably years and years of an apprenticeship, far more so than an outfield player.

But I think Sean’s got a good career ahead of him.”

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